Grants, loans,scholarship info. in 3 clicks or less

I don’t plan to waste anytime with fluff because I went through several grant websites one night, and only found links which took me to page after page of nothing.  I was looking for grants and found absolutely nothing, but forty cookies along the way- which I can’t eat.  So here goes. I am goiing to give you grants. The name of grants, where to go and apply and what you need to do, who you need to be, and any other information which will be needed to ensure you don’t waste your time applying for your grants for nothing.  I will first define what grants, scholarships and loans are…so we are all on the same page.

GRANTS…money given which does not have to be paid back

SCHOLARSHIPS….money given which does not have to be paid back most of the time.  This is because there can be a contractural agreement which needs to be fulfilled once your degree is complete.  Don’t worry we will go into detail about this a bit later…but not in ten clicks…promise!

LOANS…this is money which must be repaid, the terms in which it must be repaid depends on what it is for, and what  was agreed  upon at the time of receipt.

Okay…I don’t want to rush but now that we are clear on the definitions…LOOK at the bottom of the page and you will see the kind of grants, scholarships and loans are available.  No. not in detail, but the kinds…like housing, school ..etc…

If you already know, skip over to ….Where can I find these grants scholarships and loans?