Housing Grants


Housing Choices

Whether you are a single mother, an unemployed father or anyone at all who is in need of housing assistance- there is help.  Government programs as well as local provide housing opportunities and assistance to those who fit within the guidelines. There are two major types of housing available to low income individuals.  They are:

  1. Subsidized  Housing
  2. Low Income Housing

Kinds of Housing

Subsidized housing is normally reserved for individuals who have very little income.  There are federal guidelines set forth to qualify those who are eligible.  However, for the most part if you making less than a thousand dollars a month- chances are, you qualify. There are quite a few agencies which can assist you with finding housing or emergency shelter, but there is normally a waiting list for the housing.  Don’t be deterred by any waiting lists, your best choice is always to get on their waiting list, because without ever doing so , you’ll never get the housing you need.

Locally, you can go to your alderman or community service center for assistance.  Normally, you should be able to walk in, however call first to be sure.  Services you may want to inquire about are:

  • section 8
  • rental assistance
  • shelters
  • housing projects

Section 8 is a voucher program for low income individuals.  There is a threshold for the income requirements depending on the size of the household. Section 8 will allow you to live in an apartment or house  which will accomodate your family size, for a fraction of the cost.  The government pays most of the rent for those with this kind of voucher.  Secion 8 is a federal program, and because of the government subsidy- many states have long waiting lists.  However, if you are willing to relocate, you may be able to bypass a multiple years’ waiting list.

Low Income Housing

Low income housing is somewhat like section 8 in that it is based on income.  However, the housing is within buildings which have apartments set aside for low income individuals.  Some people consider these buildings “projects”.  This is not always true, because some states actually  have mixed income housing, where they mix their low income residents with households of higher income brackets.  This is said to be a positive change for those in low income households.  It is also suppose to reduce crime, being that there are different income levels mixed together.  The buildings which consider themselves to be low income usually have their own waiting lists, so you may want to check to see if there is an open list in your area. Finding housing can be a  tedious job, however be sure to complete as many applications as you like, to ensure that your name is eventually called. Good luck with your housing search.

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